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Restaurants in Peschici: Eden Restaurant, the Chef Rocco and Katia will welcome you to taste the specialties of Peschici on the Gargano and Puglia


The secret of success of the kitchen of the Restaurant Eden is the art must have been able to combine the simplicity of the Puglia cuisine with new and creative recipes.

Here are the delicious risotto with seafood, troccoli the rock and many other must-see proposals of the menu that we invite you to enjoy while taking in the beautiful sunset over the sea.

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° Italian Appetizer
° seafood salad
° Octopus salad
° Anchovies
° Sword smoked
° Smoked Tuna
° Bresaola "Eden"
° Appetizer "Eden" Cold
Tasting of: seafood salad, octopus salad, marinated anchovies, anchovies Eden, smoked swordfish, smoked tuna, grilled eggplant and shrimp rolls, rolls of spicy zucchini and sea bass, mussels and lemon oil (may vary depending on the fish market)
° Appetizer "Eden" Hot
Tasting of: stuffed mussels, octopus drowned, potatoes and mussels, cuttlefish and peas, arugula and capers squid, cuttlefish stuffed (may vary depending on the fish market)

° Troccoli the rock
° Orecchiette with clams
° Cicatelli shrimp and mushrooms
° Troccoli mussels
° Risotto with seafood
° Linguine with Shrimp
° Orecchiette or spaghetti with tomato sauce
° vests with delicate sauce with mushrooms

° Caciocavallo grilled
° Peppery Mussels
° Southe clam
° Southe clams and mussels
° octopus drowned
° Stuffed Mussels
° Prawns with wine
° Fried calamari
° Fried cuttlefish
° Mixed fried
° fry of fish
° Fry "Eden"
° Oven-baked fish with potatoes
° Fish "crazy water"
° Mixed Grill
° Grilled Fish, Cuttlefish - Prawns - Sole - Tuna - Swordfish - Scampi - bream - sea bass and many others depending on the catch

° Tomato Salad
° Mixed salad
° Fries
° Grilled Vegetables
° Caprese to the plate
° Mozzarella And Tomato
° Baked Potatoes
° rocket and parmesan salad


Every day a different dish for not Forget the traditional flavors of Kitchen Peschiciana:
° Cavatell and cicerchie Cavatelli And Vegetables
° Chicoccia and Zucchini And Eggs
° Pan Grilled homemade bread with vegetables in season Cotta
° Ndrocel and fasul Troccoli And Beans
° fasul Bread Roasted chicory and chicory With Wild And Beans
° Pan 'mbuss homemade bread with eggs and onion
° Marangian Chiin Stuffed Eggplants
° Coccl 'and fasul Cicatelli Mussels And Beans
° Secc 'and patan Cuttlefish And Baked Potatoes

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 Tonno affumicatoSpada affumicatoAlici Marinate Insalata di mare Risotto frutti di mareCavatelli e CicerchiePan Cott Con Verdura Di StagioneNdrocel e fasul Troccoli E FagioliCoccl’ e fasul Cicatelli Cozze E FagioliChicoccia Zucchine e UovaCicorie e fasul - Cicorie Selvatiche E FagioliTroccoli alle cozzeSecc’ e patan Seppie E Patate Al FornoPepata di cozze Marangian chiin Melanzane RipieneCozze RipieneGrigliata MistaCaciocavallo alla brace

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